Yours Truly Reduces Hours
Is No Longer Open After 3 pm
What does that tell us?

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Many eating places that open early to serve breakfast also close mid afternoon. But the Shibleys who own Yours Truly (and who have always been good citizens at the Square) have made this change only for the Square.

The positive slant on this change in hours is that if it means the Square can still be home to one of the city's best casual breakfast and lunch places, it is good news.

The "sky is falling!" reaction would be to see this as the start of some end.

In recent months when I would have Friday supper there -- their wonderful fish fry -- there was a police officer on duty inside the restaurant. I had mixed feelings about that. Some day would that extra expense mean no evening hours?

Now we know.

Peter Rubin, Mayor Jackson and city council members -- please take note.

Arnie Berger Shaker Square
Who remembers the excitement 25 years ago when Yours Truly opened on the Square.
August 14, 2018


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