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Election Day is Tuesday November 7    Be Prepared
Links that will inform you on the issues, judges and nonpartisan matters.
Board of Elections Map of Ward 4 polling places  (.pdf)
Remember to bring ID when you vote
League of Women Voters All the issues
Issue 2  Minimum Wage Ohio League of Women Voter's website
Issue 3  Casino Gambling For issue 3
             "Learn and Earn" Casino Site
             Akron Beacon Journal editorial
The smoking issues: 4 and 5 Q. Which issue was started by a tobacco company?
A. Issue 4
Issue 18 Arts and Culture Not a property tax. Learn more.
Issue 19
 Health and Human Services
Learn more
"For voters in this county, there will be no more important item on the Nov. 7 ballot than Issue 19."
Cleveland Plain Dealer  9/22/06
You don't have to guess in judicial elections.
See all the ratings of all the candidates.
Cuyahoga County Democrats

Cuyahoga County Republicans
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