A friend of Shaker Square

I've never met Lillian Kuri, just named President and CEO of the Cleveland Foundation, our nation's oldest community trust. But as an admirer of the foundation ever since it brought me back to Cleveland in 1965 (more), and a 31-year resident of Shaker Square, I have been a big fan for years.

Years ago she helped create incentives for employees of University Circle institutions to buy homes in nearby Cleveland neighborhoods. It brought new owners to Shaker Square and to where I live, near the Square.

Last year we saw Shaker Square rescued from foreclosure. Two non-profits -- Cleveland Neighborhood Progress and community development corporation Burten Bell Carr -- will repair and re-envision it, then sell it to a new owner. The Cleveland Foundation is a major supporter of Cleveland Neighborhood Progress.

It is good to know that our Cleveland Foundation will be led by someone whose vision includes the grand project with regional impact and also the smaller initiatives that strengthen neighborhoods like ours.

Arnie Berger

May 4, 2023

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In 1964 trustees of Case and Western Reserve asked the Cleveland Foundation to support exploring the possibilities of greater collaboration. It funded a study commission and consultants. I was teaching at the University of Pittsburgh and returned with my family to join the commission staff.


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