Driving directions to Shaker Square from the eastern suburbs.

  • Via Shaker Boulevard
    Go west on Shaker Boulevard. The Square is 1.4 miles west of Lee Road (or .4 miles west of Coventry Road).
    To park in the northeast quadrant, bear right at the Square, then right again on to North Moreland Boulevard, following the signs to the lot.


  • Via South Woodland Road
    Go west on South Woodland Road. Proceed to Van Aken Boulevard, about 1.2 miles west of Lee Road.
    Turn right on to Van Aken. (Do not cross the Rapid Transit tracks).
    To park in the southeast quadrant, behind Shaker Square Cinemas and Dave's, turn left at the next light (Drexmore Road) and follow the signs.

Parking at Shaker Square

Two large lots offer free parking:

  • In the northeast quadrant.
    Enter this lot from North Moreland Boulevard
  • In the southwest quadrant, behind Shaker Square Cinemas and Dave's.
    Enter this lot from Drexmore Road or from Shaker Boulevard going east.

Metered parking is available on Shaker Boulevard, behind the stores in the northwest quadrant and all around the Square. The meters on Shaker Boulevard are Cleveland's. Those around the Square are privately owned, charge more and have a one hour limit. 

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