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Housing help for University Circle workers
Institutions and hospitals offer employees housing help near Shaker Square.

May 20, 2008

There's some good news for the Shaker Square neighborhood and for persons who work for nonprofit institutions in or near University Circle who are interested in moving here. Depending on the employer, from $5,000 to $15,000 in help in the form of forgivable loans is available.

Early in December 2007 a new housing assistance program, led by the Cleveland Foundation with support from other local foundations, was announced. It's called the Greater Circle Living. The program is for employees who buy, rent or renovate homes in Cleveland neighborhoods near University Circle.

The official announcement of the start of the program was made today. Participating employers include Case Western Reserve University, University Hospitals and the Cleveland Clinic.

Areas targeted under the new plan include parts of Glenville, Hough, Fairfax and Buckeye-Shaker (including areas near Shaker Square) as well as some East Cleveland neighborhoods. Over the next five years the initiative plans to offer a total of $4 million in grants and forgivable loans over all those areas.

For a map showing the area covered, click here.

The Fairfax Renaissance Development Corporation will administer the program. Information on the program is on their website. Click here.

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Employers participating (there may be more later)

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