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It is time to speak up for Shaker Square
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January 18, 2022

Shaker Square is so much more than a shopping area.
It is the heart of a diverse neighborhood. It is a transportation hub, where bus and light rail lines meet. It is a walkable area: by day we can get our groceries and prescriptions, and by night eat or drink casually or dine elegantly. During a Saturday Farmers Market, or a summer evening concert, it is at its best   an urban village square.

Shaker Square, once owned by The Coral Company, is in receivership. If our city takes no action, foreclosure will start. It's a lengthy process with the great risk of turning over control an important and historic place to an irresponsible owner. Severance Town Center is a nearby and unhappy example of what can happen in foreclosure.

There is a clear path ahead, described in the report of the two respected non-profit organizations who drafted bill 1038-2021. The bill is supported by statements from those who know Shaker Square and testify to the need for early action.

Our city's investment in Shaker Square will help the Square rise again and make one of our largest neighborhoods stronger. 

Cleveland needs a strong Shaker Square. Shaker Square needs a responsible, visionary owner. I ask Ward 4 Councilwoman Deborah Gray to endorse bill 1038-2021 and help it pass. 


Speak up for Shaker Square.
When considering legislation that affects a ward, our City Council gives great weight to the view of the representative of the ward. Shaker Square is in ward 4. Send your email in support of the bill to Ward 4 Councilwoman Deborah Gray

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To learn about the bill and read the statements of others, visit


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