Visitors Center is open

A few days ago the Shaker Square Update email said that the new Visitors Center would open today, Monday, July 1. We just walked in early afternoon and were welcomed by one of the key people in the bringing back better of Shaker Square: Akil Hameed, of FASS Commercial Real Estate Services. Tomorrow the center will be staffed and soon there will be a sign above the door. (A clarification: A large permanent sign above the door will take much time, to design, get approval, make and mount. I was trying to say that was no temporary sign, nothing at all.)

It's a small, completely renovated space. The front door opens into a large multi-function room that will soon have information for visitors. Walking back, there's a small conference room, and in the rear a fully equipped Police and Fire Break Room.

Soon this Visitors Center will be helping in many ways to make the Square a more welcoming place. Though right now, with all the much-needed street improvements under way, Shaker Square looks more like a construction site than the community gathering-dining-shopping place it was before and will be again.

Below: the first announcement of the Visitors Center, and a few pictures.

Coming Soon: Our New Visitors Center

More later.

Arnie Berger   July 1, 2024

The new Shaker Square Visitors Center is in the Southeast quadrant, at the left in the picture below taken July 1. Two doors left (east) of Captain Tony's.

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