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Celebrating persons who have helped make Shaker Square a special place.
Fourth in a series.
Kenneth Johnson
Our Cleveland City Councilman since 1980

Ward 4 Councilman Kenneth L. Johnson, a life-long resident of the Buckeye-Shaker neighborhood, was first elected to Cleveland City Council in 1980. During his tenure, he has established a significant track record of service to the Buckeye-Shaker neighborhood and the city of Cleveland, focusing on recreation and development.

Councilman Johnson has worked steadily to bring new development, new investment and new jobs to the Buckeye-Shaker community, including new development at Buckeye Plaza and Shaker Square.


In the fall of 2005 Shaker Square celebrated its 75th birthday with a new owner, The Coral Company. Councilman Johnson has worked to ensure that the Coral Company would make much needed improvements to Shaker Square. New plans include an amphitheater, an outdoor museum and upscale condominiums.

Intent on creating job opportunity, Kenneth Johnson has instituted computer training programs citywide. He also initiated a volunteer ward street cleaning/tree cutting/lot cutting program for senior citizens and disabled residents.

Our councilman's track record includes substantial achievements in developing recreational programming throughout the city and in his own community. Since being elected to City Council, he has instituted free overnight summer and winter camping for Cleveland's young people. More than 800 youngsters attend Camp George L. Forbes each year as a result of Councilman Johnson's efforts. In addition, he started a holiday basketball tournament that attracts 450 participants annually. The tournament led to the creation of basketball leagues at all Cleveland recreation centers. One thousand youth now participate each year. Last summer, a water park, which Councilman Johnson was instrumental in building, opened next to the Kenneth Johnson Recreation Center. Nearly 10,000 local children played at the water park during its first year. Additional programs started by Councilman Johnson include a fishing clinic and a cross country skiing program.

Councilman Johnson believes quality recreational programming is important because it helps young people develop socially, learn leadership skills and stay healthy. He reached out to the National Football League to gain support for this commitment to recreation, resulting in a $500,000 donation to the municipal football league to expand the program.


Councilman Johnson is the single father of seven boys, aged 36 to 8 years old. He is proud of his sons' accomplishments: one is a medical student; one is a lawyer; one is a firefighter; and two are recreation directors.

Our councilman graduated from John Adams High School and attended Cuyahoga Community College and Cleveland State University.

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posted April 28, 2006

At home with his seven sons

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