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We list all our Citizens in the order in which they were added. Click on the name or image to read more about their service to Shaker Square.

Richard Gildenmeister,
in celebration of his 50th anniversary
as Shaker Square's master bookseller.
Jane Campbell,
Cleveland's Mayor (2001-2005) who lived near the Square and worked for it for years.
Carole Grady,
retired after more than 25 years serving SHAD (Shaker Square Area Development Corporation).
Kenneth L. Johnson,
who has been our Ward 4 Cleveland City Councilman since 1980.
Dr. Gene Veronesi,
President of Shaker Square Beverages, on the Square longer than any other establishment.


Jonathan Forman and Norman Barr
Their Shaker Square Cinemas is one of the special places on the Square.


Reid Robbins  1951-2007
Executive Director of the Shaker Square Area Development Corporation for 15 years. SHAD named their building in his honor
Donita Anderson
Director, North Union Farmers Market
For years she has helped make Saturday mornings on the Square a place to be.
  Carol Lowenthal
Founder of our newspaper The Connection and a long-term trustee and leader of SHAD and before SHAD, Friends of Shaker Square.
  George Palda
Long-time lay leader of the Shaker Square Area Development Corporation (SHAD).


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