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Mary Ann Kovach
SHAD president for four years


Mary Ann Kovach


Mary Ann Kovach is another example of a Shaker Square leader who did not grow up here, but saw the uniqueness and importance of Shaker Square, and went on to do so much for it.

Years ago the Shaker Square Area Development Corporation (SHAD) was cut off from official CDC funding. Watching how this organization, for the past four years led by Mary Ann Kovach, with its dedicated volunteers, has continued to serve our neighborhood I am reminded of the Bumble Bee who was said to be unable to fly but, not aware of this, flies.

In 1970, Mary Ann, a native of Flushing New York with her degree from New York's Fashion Institute of Technology and Cleveland-born husband Ken Kovach came here from the east so he could do graduate work at CWRU.  They lived in an apartment on South Moreland Boulevard, then in a house on Ripley Road and in 1980 moved to their present home on Ludlow Road where their daughters Juliana and Alexandra went to the Shaker Heights schools.

Mary Ann became active in the Ludlow Community Association and for several years was its president. Her work with the Shaker Square Area Development Corporation began with projects. She was then asked to serve on SHAD's board, and then was elected president. One term led to another. Mary Ann Kovach will soon step aside (not down) after ten years on SHAD's board, the last four years as its president.

We hope that her last SHAD President's Letter (below) will inspire some to get involved and enjoy the rewards of community service that comes from the heart. Many thanks to Shaker Square Citizen Mary Ann Kovach.   

Arnold Berger   June 10, 2024

Mary Ann Kovach's President's letter in the SHAD Connection Summer 2024 issue is an example of the sustained citizen leadership, including hers, which has strengthened Shaker Square for nearly 50 years.


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