Ludlow Community Association
50th anniversary celebration  September 2007

The Ludlow Community Association took its name from the neighborhood elementary school Ludlow Elementary School, at Ludlow and Southington, shown as a red star on the map. Many of the homes in the school's area are in Cleveland. This arrangement dates back to  September 1912, when the school districts of Cleveland and Shaker Heights exchanged some areas.  

In 1987, in a major reorganization, Shaker Heights closed four elementary schools, including Ludlow. The building is now leased to PEP - the Positive Education Program and is used for its Greenview Day Treatment Center which provides educational and mental health services to children with serious emotional challenges.

A satellite view of the center of the community, Ludlow Elementary School and its playground. Note Van Aken Boulevard in the upper right corner.

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50th Anniversary Meeting
It was standing room at the September 8 meeting held at the old Ludlow School.

LCA Presidents - Past and Present
Left-Right Standing: Lou Salvatore, Ron Spetrino, Alan Gressel, Luis Coelho (present), Tom Chelimsky (present) and Jarmellia Armwood. Sitting: Ken Kovach, Emma Benning and Gwen Chapman (present)
Photo by Gisela Chelimsky

Cosmopolitan Pioneers

Another story of the early days. Published in the Ohio Bell Magazine, probably in 1967.

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A Lesson in Integration

The September 1968 issue of Readers Digest told the Ludlow story.

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The Reunion

Former Ludlow School students talk about desegregation in the 1960s.

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Paul Mason. son of an LCA founder, now senior vice president - politics at ABC News, was executive producer of "The Reunion".

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Making a neighborhood
what you dream it to be
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