October 27, 1911
Shaker Village becomes The Village of Shaker Heights


The October 16, 1911 Plain Dealer carried a legal notice by the Trustees of Shaker Township - J L Cannon,  O P Van Sweringen and W J Van Aken - that announced a referendum to move Shaker Village into a new entity to be known as the Village of Shaker Heights. 
On October 27, 1911 voters came to 2889 Lee Road, which served as the real estate office of the Van Sweringen Company and as the Village Hall. They approved the referendum. Shaker Heights was born. William Van Aken would later note that only 14 persons voted that day.

If you are trying to read the legal description, note that Fairmount Road is the old name for Fairhill Road, and that the western limit was at the edge of the Baldwin Reservoir. For a map, see our page How the West was lost



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