The historic heart of one of Cleveland's largest residential areas


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Take a tour of the area around Shaker Square
   Summer on the Square  Thursday June 13  6:00 - 8:30 pm 
  Art for All featuring Global Connections (World music), Painting in the Park,
  artisan vendors, Arts & Crafts activities
   Shaker Square Visitors Center
  May 30 official Shaker Square Update  new
  Visit the new official Shaker Square website
  The SHAD Connection Summer 2024: the Shaker Square newspaper
  Visit the new official Shaker Square website
  Thank You, Mary Ann Kovach  new
  Low Hanging Fruit: ways to improve Shaker Square
  Ten Ways to Improve Shaker Square (old ideas, still good)
  Public Spaces and Community 
 Community - Twenty pages, plus pictures and links
  How Shaker Heights was carved out of Cleveland Heights
  Why is Shaker Square in the Shaker Heights school district?
  Before the Shaker Rapid: The Shaker Lakes Streetcar 
  Why did working men vote to create Shaker Village?
  How the West Was Lost - a four year story
  History Index



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